Interviu cu Avinash Kaushik, evanghelist Google Analytics, despre serviciu şi advertising online în România

Am fost interesat să realizez un interviu cu Avinash Kaushik, omul care a scris “Analytics an hour a day“, care este evaghelist Google Analitycs şi care a ieşit pe locul 10 în topul celor mai influenţi online marketeri în 2008. Spre surprinderea mea, am şi reuşit, am descoperit o persoană foarte deschisă şi plăcuta, cu atenţie la detalii(chestia cu Leu demonstrează esenţa acestui lucru).

Mi-ar plăcea mult să îl întâlnesc într-o conferinţă, poate chiar în România. Voi aţi vrea?

image by Eirik Solheim

Hello Mr Avinash, have you ever heard of Romania so far? 

I have!

There are a dedicated group of Visits to my blog from Romania. In Dec 2008 there were 339 Visitors to my blog from Romania. So Romania and I are friends. :)

Here in Romania, the Online Advertising Market is under 3% of the total market. How do you think we can grow this in the next period?

In general you will notice that the trend for online advertising it on its way up. 3% is not bad, even in the US the number is in very low double digits.

The growth will come simply becauseo of the importance of the web and the ongoing evolution in the innovative ways in which we can all use the web and get value from it.

The other very very important facet is that there is a generational shift in terms of people who make decisions about how and where to do Advertising  and the generational shift in terms of people who use the web.  As the next generation over new ways to connecting with them will be appreciated and used a lot more than they have been thus far.

Of course you can’t expect a answer from me to be complete without stressing that the immense measurability and accountability that you get from Advertising that you do online. You can count, measure and optimize much more than you can through offline channels.

What tools and resources do you recommend for online marketers at the start of their road?

Start with a Web Analytics tool. Both Google ( and Yahoo ( have wonderful free feature rich applications that anyone can use.

Move to using something like 4Q that allows you to listen to your customers in their own voices.

Your goal should be to have a Multiplicity strategy, as you grow and mature. It is a mental model I had proposed last year and it calls on each business to understand what they are trying to solve for and then use the right tool. You can learn more in this blog post:

Multiplicity: Succeed Awesomely At Web Analytics.

One tool will not do it all.

You don’t have to do that on the first day, but you should aim to end up with a Multiplicity strategy.

Three reasons why an online marketer should use Google Analytics.

Ease of use.
A fantastic set of features for web 1.0 and 2.0.
Rich availability to information and help on the web.

I must share with you that when I was in my last job I had postulated a rule called “the 10/90 rule”. It states that if you have a budget of 100 Dollars (or Leu) to spend then spend $10 on tools, spend $90 on people. It is rare that a tool will make a radical difference to any web business. What will make the difference is the right allocation of people who will take data from tools and then analyze it and find insights. Tools are good. People (“big brains”) are magnificent!

In which direction will Google Analytics evolve in the future?

I am afraid I can’t comment on specifics. But. . .

If you look at the past two years you will notice that the evolution of Google Analytics is driven almost 100% by with the Users ask for and with what helps improve their ability to make decisions.  That will continue to be source of future innovation.

Recent features sets have been Advanced Segmentation, Custom Reports, ability to track Rich Media and Flash/Flex sites and applications, an API to empower developers to build applications or enable users to pull data out of GA and store it or use it.  That should also give you clues to the direction that GA is taking.

You are going to compete with the big players in Analytics Market, targeting large organizations with extended needs?

I think it is a mistake to think that Google Analytics is competing with other Web Analytics tools.

The core reason behind Google’s decisions behind making Analytics available was that there were lots of businesses who did not make data driven decisions becausee either they could not pay for tools or they had tools but these tools were very hard to use.

Having data available means better decisions and better websites for web users. Win-win. 

It really does not matter what tool you end up use, if you find GA to be useful you can use it. But if you find Omniture or WebTrends or CoreMetrics to be useful then you can use any of those. The win-win will still happen.

What are Google plans for the East European Markets in the next years?

I am afraid that I am not the best person to answer this question.

Where do you get the passion that fuels your work every day?

I am a huge fan of the web. I am in awe of its power to make things efficient, make information available and change people’s lives (and that is not even a metaphor!). I feel lucky that I can be a small part of helping people understand the web better and in turn create a better web.

More than anything I think that fuels my passion.

Puteţi să îi urmăriţi şi blogul său, abordează detaliat subiecte legate de măsurare, statistică şi analiză a datelor online. 

Bonus: speech în cadrul Authors@Google

Thank you Mr Avinash for everything and best of all in the new year!

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  1. Imi place ca omul e onest, recomanda folosirea alternativa a toolului de la Yahoo!. Respect pentru o astfel de atitudine, ar trebui sa invatam si noi sa ne respectam concurenta si sa ii promovam meritele.

    Felicitari pentru articol, am mai vazut altele facute de romani, dar interviul nu discuta despre Europa de Est, macar.

  2. Fain Ciprian, ma bucur sa vad acest interviu (multumesc!).
    Avinash Kaushik e o persoana foarte deschisa, am avut ocazia sa il intervievez in 2007 despre web analytics pentru ecommerce:
    La fel prietenul lui: John Marshall (tot in sectiunea de interviuri: Rand Fishkin SEOmoz Wizzard, Lee Odden, etc).
    Interesante informatiile actualizate despre GA. Despre Europa de Est nu spune ceva specific, dar e incurajator ca ne considera prieteni :)

  3. @Adi : da, se vede abordarea de profesionist. Mersi.

    @ClementN: mersi, ne auzim mai târziu la discuţii :)

    @Megapega: mulţumesc, nu ştiu dacă ajungi acolo aşa uşor

    @Krumel: da, nu e nevoie să omori concurenţa ca să araţi că eşti mai bun

    @Adriana: mersi, fain şi articolul vostru. L-ai întâlnit/văzut în conferinţe?

    @Claudiu: mulţumesc

    @Liviu: mersi mult

  4. Salut si felicitari.

    Omul este intradevar foarte deschis si foarte “pus pe treaba” si pe evanghelizat. Un adevarat evanghelist as zice.
    L-am vazut intr-o conferinta la Montreal in aprilie 2008 … si pot sa iti spun ca 2,5 ore am stat cu gura mare …

    Intr-adevar e tare tipu’.

  5. da. 90% people 10% tools e ideea din “WA an hour a day”….si cartea e la fel ca interviul…citesti cu gura cascata :)

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